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    Amniotic Band Syndrome

    What is Constriction ring syndrome/ Amniotic band syndrome ?

    Constriction ring syndrome occurs when fibrous bands develop inside the uterus during pregnancy, entangled around a developing fetus. It’s also known as amniotic band syndrome. More commonly the bands wrap around limb, fingers or toes, creating severe constrictions.

    Why Constriction ring syndrome happen ?

    The exact cause is unknown, but it’s not hereditary.

    Which part of body most affected in constriction ring syndrome ?

    It occurs more frequently in the fingers than in the toes.

    How dangerous it is ?

    Usually it results nothing more than an unsightly, circular indentation around your child’s finger or limb. But deeper bands can cause some serious problems:

    • Severe swelling/ restriction of the lymphatic or venous flow
    • Interference with development of the arm or leg
    • A tight band constriction may even cause amputation of the arm or the leg (in uterus during pregnancy).

     How is constriction ring syndrome diagnosed ?

    Constriction ring syndrome can be diagnosed before birth by prenatal ultrasound. However, the most cases are diagnosed at birth.

    What are the treatment options ?

    If your child has deep constriction rings surgery required in form of ring excision and/or multiple Z- plasties. One or more surgeries may be required to improve the appearance and function of the affected hand.

    Ideally Surgery should be performed when child is 6 months to 1 year old, though deep constriction rings that restrict blood flow must be treated immediately.

    What is long-term outlook of surgery ?

    Despite the differences in appearance, affected hands and fingers generally have satisfactory long-term function.

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