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    Labia Augmentation

    Are your labia too thin, too narrow, too small? Do you wish you had fuller labia? If so, cosmetic surgery could be the answer. You can choose to have them enlarged, plumped with your own body fat or other filler.

    Augmentation or labiaplasty: Injections to increase the fullness of the labia majora. Aging or weight loss can result in reduced fullness of the vagina’s outer lips, the labia majora. Involuted outer labia can be corrected by injecting fat taken from another area of the body. 

    The procedure can be performed under intravenous sedation or local anaesthetic and takes about an hour. You can resume your sexual activity after two weeks.

    Traditionally an autologous fat transplant – your own body fat – was used to enhance aging labia majora. In very thin ladies plumping up the outer labia may be desirable to improve their appearance and make them look more youthful. 

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