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    Labia Reduction


    Why do you need labioplasty?

    In women asymmetric, large, or irregular genital labia (lips) can occur naturally or it may develop with age, childbirth, hormones, or even from sexual intercourse. In most women, the labia minora (inner genital “lips”) are seen only when the legs are kept apart, however in some women, large labia minora are visible even when the legs are not separated, causing discomfort, embarrassment, self-consciousness, and distances in relationships.

    Enlarged labia may also be noticeable in tightly fitting clothes, and might cause discomfort during intercourse or bicycle riding.

     For these reasons, many women with asymmetric or large labia choose to make the labia smaller, more defined, and/or more symmetric through a procedure known as Labioplasty or labia majora/ minora reduction.

    How long the labioplasty surgery takes?

    Usually, this procedure takes between 1 to 2hours and is performed with local / regional anaesthesia. Some patients prefer even general anaesthesia.

    Do I need hospitalization?

    It can be done as day care procedure but sometimes a day stay can be offered if General anaesthesia is given.

    How is the postoperative period  recovery?

    There will be mild swelling and discomfort that will settle in 1-2 weeks time. Oral medications will be prescribed for the same. The sutures will be absorbable so need to give further pain for stitch removal.

    The final result will be appreciated in around 2 months’ time once the oedema disappear completely.

    What are the complications of labioplasty?

    As these areas are more prone for infection, so patient are advised to maintain hygiene and cleaning of part regularly.This is a minor procedure and like any other wound there is slight chance of bleeding, infection.

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