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March 9, 2018

First of all I would like to say Thanks to you for giving new life to my fingers( Middle finger and Ring Finger) of right hand. I lost my finger in my plant during testing of a machine. the tips of both fingers were cut down and separate out from my hand. I was very afraid because I have seen so many cases in my plant who have lost their fingers that was not replanted due to lack of knowledge or non availability of experienced doctor. So I was assure that my fingers will not be replant and I have to lost them.

When I reach to Goyal Hospital & Research Center, Jodhpur. and you inspected me, at first you said it is impossible to re join the cut out part because it is very critical part where veins are very thin and impossible for micro surgery. I also belong to a Doctor family but My Uncle who is also very well known Doctor he also said that it is impossible to rejoin that part. Even 99% Micro surgeons didn’t take that type of case, But you said you want to take chance and you took. You tried very hard during operation for 7 hours and your effort got success. My both fingers are normal now and it is same as before. I can work as a normal person with them as I did before.

Your behavior, way of taking and dealing with patient are very appreciable. You are really Gem of your community. You are like a God for me. I will be thankful to you for my life time when ever I will see my fingers I will be obliged for you. 

Along with You I would also like to thank The Goyal Hospital &Research Center for giving me good hospitality, giving me proper treatment. Hospital is very clean and equipped with latest machinery. . All the nursing staff, OT team, Peons each and every person take care of mine. This hospital really gave me feeling like a home.

At last I have few words for You Doctor:-

Life Is Precious.
Every Life Is Important.
You Are That Flag Bearer Of Hope
Who Never Let Us Lose Hope In Life.
You Hold Our Hand In Most Difficult Of Times.
Thank You Doctor Sushil Nahar Sir.