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    What is otoplasty Plastic surgery of ear?

    Otoplasty, is a procedure by which we can improve the shape, position or contour of the ear.

    Otoplasty can correct a deformity in the ear structure that is present since birth which becomes obvious with growth or it can treat ears deformities due to injury. 

    Otoplasty brings natural shape, while bringing balance and proportion to the ears and face. Even minor deformities correction can have profound changes to appearance and self-esteem.

    In what cases specifically ear surgery/ otoplasty done?

    • Macrotia- overly large ears
    • Bat ear/ cup ear/ lope ear deformity: Protruding ears occurring on one or both sides in varying degrees

    Deformity due to previous ear trauma/surgery

    Who are the ideal candidates for Otoplasty?

    Children who are good candidates for ear surgery are:

    • Physically healthy with no other significant medical problem or infection ear.
    • Realistic expectation of patient and their parents in child case

    Generally 5 years old, or when a child’s ear cartilage is stable enough for correction

    What are the complications and risks of ear surgery?

    Although in healthy individual risk with this surgery is remote but in any surgical procedure it is customery to explain anticipated anaesthesia and surgical risk.

    • Bleeding/ Blood clots/ Infection
    • Asymmetry/ Skin contour irregularities/ Unfavorable scarring
    • Possibility of revision surgery

    How are the results in otoplasty?

    In ear surgery you can appreciate immediate results in protruding ears. The surgical scars are either hidden behind the ear or well hidden within the natural creases of the ear.

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